Analysis Checklist

Analysis Checklist Pre-Analysis Exploratory Data Analysis  Inferential Analysis small
Create DatasetCollect and organize test data into one location.- Data Entry
- Data Reduction
- Dataset Structure
- Missing Value Codes
- Dataset Merging
- Consistent Formatting
- File Types
- Quality check
Document ProcessDescribe dataset in supplemental documentation.- Variable Descriptions
- Coding Guides
- Source Tracking – Collector Notes & Logs
Clarify Analysis GoalsCommunicate test goals to analysts.- System & Test Design Review
- Common Understanding
Visualize Raw DataPreview the data collected for individual variables to understand what there is to work with.- Scatterplots/Histograms/Graphs
- Distributions
- Outlier Check
- Univariate Assumptions
Process & CleanDecide how to treat anomalies and recode data entries.- Outlier Processing
- Data Entry Errors
- Consistent Coding
Summarize DataCompute descriptive statistics and describe numerical properties of key variables.- Descriptive Statistics
- Variance
- Range
- Central Tendencies
- Missing Values
- Proportions
- Cross-tabs
Explore Multivariate DataFind possible relationships among variables and patterns across factors.- Multivariate Visualizations
- Factor Comparisons
- Influential Variables
- Multivariate Assumptions
Report EDA ConclusionsDocument processing and preliminary findings.- Data Nature & Limitations
- Analysis Candidates
- Suitability of Data to Test Goals
Statistically Model
& Test
Fit statistical models to data and test significance of data patterns.- Hypothesis Tests
- Inference
- Effect Sizes
- Uncertainty
- Model Selection & Fit
Visualize & Report ResultsCommunicate findings and conclusions to decision makers.- Model Visualization
- Summary Tables
- Practical Interpretation
- Case Studies

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