DATAWorks Themes Archive

Theme Year

1: Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification

These sessions will focus on model verification and validation including case study examples as well as the use of physics and computational based modeling and simulation to benefit system evaluation.


2: Data Integration and Sequential Testing

These sessions will focus on integrating, to the extent possible all available information, including previous test outcomes, to sequentially update and refine future testing.


3: Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

These sessions will focus on introducing new tools for evaluating how operators interact with autonomous systems and demonstrate how members of the defense and aerospace communities have applied statistical approaches to evaluate autonomous system performance.


4: Data Curation and Engineering

These sessions will focus on best practices for storing, curating, cleaning and making data ready for analysis.


5: Improving System Cybersecurity

These sessions will focus on methods for evaluating cyber survivability, specifically cyber-attack resiliency for weapon systems.


6: Human-System Integration

These sessions demonstrate the importance of human-centered design in defense and aerospace systems and introduce the range of test design and statistical methods available for evaluating human-system integration.