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Lecture Series

Design of Experiment

Dr. Geoff Vining’s 2015 collection of course lectures on DOE can be found here.

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Regression Analysis

Dr. Vining’s 2015 course lectures on regression analysis are posted here.

Individual Lectures

The following are links to lecture video with associated presentation slides.  (Note: Only viewable on external site.  Requires Silverlight plugin.)

Planning, Conducting, and Analyzing an Experiment

Dr. Montgomery discusses a systematic approach to planning, conducting, and analyzing an experiment.  All experiments are planned, and those that do not  follow a systematic approach leave themselves open to errors that can invalidate the results of the experiment.  Dr. Montgomery discusses “seven steps” that begin with statement of the problem, setup and design of experiment, conducting the experiment, analysis of the experiment, and drawing conclusions from the data.

Overview of Basic Principles of Experimental Design

In this broad introduction to experimental design, Dr. Vining discusses data collection, basic experimental principles, and cautions against common mistakes and misconceptions.

Characteristic of a Good Experimental Design

Dr. Montgomery discusses various qualities of good experimental design and tradeoffs that are often made in designing an experiment.

Sequential Design of Experiments

Dr. Silvestrini introduces sequential experiments, where a series of experiment is performed and each informs decisions made in the execution of the next experiment, discusses common methods for design construction, and gives an example of sequential experimentation with a simulation model.

An Overview of Split-Plot Experiments

Dr. Vining provides a high-level description of split-plot experiments with examples and discussion of the effect of failing to realize an experiment is really a split-plot experiment.

Basic Analysis of Simple Split-Plot Experiments

In Dr. Vining’s followup to An Introduction to Split-Plot Experiments he reviews the classical agricultural derivation of the split-plot, the differences between agricultural split-plots and industrial applications of split-plot designs with emphasis on defense applications, and analysis methods for split-plot designs.

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