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The site is structured around key test and evaluation activities so that practitioners can see how test science can benefit their test design, analysis, and evaluation.  It is designed for a range of test and evaluation professionals and levels of expertise.  Users that are new to topics like Design of Experiments can browse the site by test Curriculum, and follow the case studies (e.g., JCAD binary versus continuous measures case study) to get a better understanding of the process and benefits of employing experimental design techniques in their work.  The A-RCI: Detection Time is a good example of a common test and evaluation analysis method that showcases several statistical techniques to obtain rigorous and defensible results for decision makers.

Users with more experience can jump directly to the section of interest, or browse the Resources and Tools sections for help on the specific area of interest.  The Training Materials section shows an example embedded video.  Here we uploaded a variety of videos that the Science of Test Research Consortium has recorded and provideed recommendations on continuous learning credits for each video.  Additionally, we have embed shorter videos throughout the site to provide quick overviews of the important subjects within each section.

The Statistical Interactive Tools are a great example of the types of resources we can provide. The Reliability test planning spreadsheet is an example of a downloadable tool for practitioners.

Thank you for visiting the Test Science Knowledge Center!


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