Session Title Speaker TypeRecording Materials Year

Convolutional Neural Networks and Semantic Segmentation for Cloud and Ice Detection

Prarabdha Ojwaswee Yonzon
United States Military Academy (West Point)
Session Recording 2022

Trust Throughout the Artificial Intelligence Lifecycle

Lauren H. Perry
Senior Project Engineer
The Aerospace Corporation
Session Recording 2022

Closing Remarks

Alyson Wilson

Quantifying the Impact of Staged Rollout Policies on Software Process and Product Metrics

Lance Fiondella
Associate Professor
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Session Recording 2022

Data Science & ML-Enabled Terminal Effects Optimization

John Cilli
Computer Scientist
Picatinny Arsenal
Session Recording 2022


Matthew Avery
Assistant Director, Operational Evaluation

Panelist 4

Calvin Robinson
Session Recording 2022

Panelist 3

Jane Pinelis
Joint Artificial Intelligence Center
Session Recording 2022

Building Bridges: a Case Study of Assisting a Program from the Outside

Anthony Sgambellone
Huntington Ingalls Industries
Session Recording 2022

Utilizing Machine Learning Models to Predict Success in Special Operations Assessment

Anna Vinnedge
United States Military Academy
Session Recording 2022

Predicting Trust in Automated Systems: Validation of the Trust of Automated Systems Test

Caitlan Fealing
Data Science Fellow
Session Recording 2022

Sparse Models for Detecting Malicious Behavior in OpTC

Andrew Mastin
Operations Research Scientist
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Profile Monitoring via Eigenvector Perturbation

Takayuki Iguchi
PhD Student
Florida State University
Session Recording 2022

Opening Remarks

Norton Schwartz
Session Recording 2022

Exploring the behavior of Bayesian adaptive design of experiments

Daniel Ries
Sandia National Laboratories
Session Recording 2022

Analysis of Target Location Error using Stochastic Differential Equations

James Brownlow
mathematical statistician
Session Recording 2022

Risk Comparison and Planning for Bayesian Assurance Tests

Hyoshin Kim
North Carolina State University
Session Recording 2022

Everyday Reproducibility

Gregory J. Hunt
Assistant Professor
William & Mary
Session Recording 2022

Cloud Computing for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in T&E

Neil Ashton
WW Principal CFD Specialist Solution Architect, HPC
Amazon Web Services
Session Recording 2022

A Framework for Using Priors in a Continuum of Testing

Victoria Sieck
Deputy Director / Assistant Professor of Statistics
Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques Center of Excellence (STAT COE) / Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
Session Recording 2022

Analysis Apps for the Operational Tester

William Raymond Whitledge
Research Staff Member
Session Recording 2022